Dirty pants, big words

From the SAHJ:

So, I take the girls upstairs for naps. Bridey is up there first and, only wearing the one piece of clothing*, is already on her potty when sister & I arrive. As I go to put Marlowe on her potty, I realize she’s wet through & has soaked the back of her dress. As I remove it from her, I see that she has also pooped her pants. So, I tell her to follow me to the bathroom, so that we can take care of it. On the way there, I recite rendition #2,365 of “Why Won’t You Potty in the Potty?” As Bean walks into the bathroom, she hangs her head and says:

“This is exasperatin(g).”


*Bridey is naked today, wearing only underwear, because she wanted to wear the dress Marlowe picked out this morning. Seriously.

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At least we know she’s listening?

From the SAHJ:

Just as I took a bite of my lunch, Marlowe wandered up and asked if it was time to eat. My mouth being full, I just gave her an affirmative, “Mm hmm.”

She looked at me and said, “I can’t understand you like dat. Chew dat up an’ finish dat bite, an’ den tell me.”

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We knew this time would come

Bridey’s hair has officially taken on a life of its own. J was driving the girls to the zoo this morning when Bridey started crying from the back seat. And a for-real cry, not a “I a baby! I cryin’!” cry, which happens more often than we’d like to admit. When he looked in the rearview mirror, he saw Bridey’s hand stuck to her head. She had twirled her hair to the point where it actually started eating her finger! He had to pull over, get out of the truck and extricate her finger from a massive curl on the left side of her head.

Sigh. A normal toddler would stick gum in her hair. Ours? She just had to stick her finger in there to get it stuck. Bridey, no one in the world has curls quite like you!


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Always Opposites

Always Opposites

My favorite thing about this photo is that if you ask Bridey why she’s wearing her glasses upside down, she will ask you quizzically, “Upside down?” In her world, that’s just how you wear sunglasses.

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I’m not three, I’m two!

So, I went shopping on Sunday. The girls were napping, J was hard at work preparing yummy SuperBowl snacks (go Ravens!), so I ran out for a bit and found some great deals on some new spring clothes for the girls. In 3T, of course, since they continue to grow like weeds.

When I showed Bridey a dress I bought for her later that afternoon, she took one look at the itsy, bitsy “3T” on the hanger from the store, and immediately told me, “I can’t wear that dress! It’s a 3, and I’m only 2!” It took quite a bit of convincing to explain that the “3” was a size, and not an age requirement for her wardrobe. Which is a good thing, since no one in our house fits in a 2T anymore.

Meanwhile, Marlowe’s spouting off with gems like: “No, Daddy, you can’t tickew my butt cuz I got no clothes on to go downstairs. But you can tickew my bewwy button; I gonna keep it wight here, in my belly.”

On to bigger news, Bridey is fully potty trained! At least during the day; we’ll deal with nighttime when we’re all ready for that. Marlowe, you’re struggling a little more than we anticipated, but we know you’ll get there. We have to keep reminding ourselves that you’re not even 2 1/2 yet, in spite of the fact that you walk around talking and acting like a four-year-old most of the time.

Now if we can just get you to quit climbing the furniture, we’ll be in good shape! Daddy found you on TOP of your five-foot-tall play kitchen the other day. We’re still not sure how you got up there, we’re just hoping you don’t do it again!

Growing, talking, playing. It’s such a joy to watch you girls as you change every day. I’ll forever wonder where my little babies went.

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Two conversations within three minutes

From the SAHJ:

Marley: Oh, Daddy. You’re SO giant! 
Me: *skeptically* Oh yeah?
Marley: Yeah! You have a giant belly!
Me: Gee, thanks.
Marley: It’s ok, you can still be our daddy.
Bridey: We have yittle bewwies.


Three minutes later…
Marley: Tomorrow, Mommy stay home wiff us.
Me: Right. Cuz what is tomorrow?
Marley: Fri… fri….
Me: TODAY is Friday, tomorrow–
Bridey: Tomorrow is Saturday, and means Mommy stay home an’ pway wiff us!! An’ next comes Sunday!!

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At least she has a sense of humor?

Marley: What are you picking up, Daddy?
Daddy: Weeds.
Marley: Weeds? Please I can too pick up some weeds? *beat* Dat’s a funny word to say.

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From the SAHJ

I know, I know. I’m making Daddy do all the heavy lifting with the blog these days, but at least there are entries! Now, on to the good stuff:

Marlowe: I a scary, scary lion!
Daddy: Oh, ok.
M: No, I not a lion! I Marlowe!
D: Oh, ok.
M: Daddy, I just a Marlowe. So you can’t call me a frog.
D: Oh, ok.

Try to argue with that logic!

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Another conversation at the park

Marley: Please to take my shoes off?
J: No, I think we better leave them on this time.
Marley: Oooh. Okaaay…
J: Thanks, beautiful.
Marley: You’re welcome, Mister Daddy.

Awfully formal for a two-year-old, but I love it! And I got my first “yes, m’am” from Bridey at dinner last night. So proud of my littles with their grown-up manners!

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Sharing is Fundamental

So, J’s on his way to the “big park” with the girls. We usually encourage them to take a toy or a book with them in the car. That way they have something to drop or fight over on the way to wherever we’re going. And today was no different; Marlowe chose to take a large, inflatable light saber in the truck. Cue the argument. “I take it.” “No, you no take it!” Over and over, the argument escalated. Finally, J reminded them that no one is supposed to take toys from someone else, and that they should just knock the whole thing off. There was a pause, then J heard Marley say, “Maybe you could say pwease, didther.”

Bridey responded with the sweetest, “Pwease, I can hab da yite-saybah?” that you ever did hear, and they proceeded to hand it back and forth the rest of the way to the park.

Manners. They have them! Makes a mommy proud. 

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