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Messing with tradition?

I’m contemplating a huge life change.  This will be my third year hosting Thanksgiving in my home, and probably the tenth year I’ve been the “head chef.” We stick with the basics for the most part – mashed potatoes, stuffing, … Continue reading

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They had it in red.

So, I splurged. And I couldn’t be happier. When picking it out, my husband politely pointed out that all of our major appliances (and most of the small) are black and stainless. But I wanted red. And lucky for me, … Continue reading

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Buying in Bulk

I have a hot date tonight. My husband is taking me to Sam’s Club. Now, I won’t set foot in a Walmart to save my life, but there’s something about Sam’s that makes me giddy. It’s a good thing we … Continue reading

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Why buying a car is like trying to have a baby

Have you ever noticed what happens when you buy a new car? You can spend your entire life driving along happily oblivious to all the screaming yellow MINI Coopers sharing the highways and byways of life with you. But the … Continue reading

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