Giving it up

Laundry. I’m seriously thinking about giving it up. It’s honestly my least favorite chore, and I’m getting increasingly bad at keeping up with it. There’s very little job satisfaction in doing it well, unless you count being able to wear your favorite underwear because they’re actually clean.

I find myself doing emergency loads so I can actually wear jeans on Fridays, when we’re allowed to wear jeans to work. Not that I don’t wear them on other days as well, from time to time, but it seems wasteful to not wear them on Friday when they’re actually sanctioned by the employee handbook.

And in this day and age of super duper streamlined appliances and robotic vacuums, does it seem right that we’re spending almost the exact same amount of time on housework as we were in 1900? I don’t think so, but we are.

I want someone to invent a washing machine/dryer combo that actually simplifies the process. Or shortens it. Or makes it so I don’t have to go search for hangers in my husband’s closet.

Is that too much to ask?

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7 Responses to Giving it up

  1. goeckie says:

    Here here! I 100% agree!

  2. Kerri says:

    I hear ya! But I don't mind the washing/drying as much as the putting the shit away.

  3. Sarah says:

    Kat, I'll do your laundry if you cook me some tasty food. We go through AT LEAST one load of laundry a day with Jack's GERD; I'v got puke on all my shit.

  4. Mary says:

    i'll do your ludry for you, it is one chore I don't mind.

  5. Mary says:

    i'll do your ludry for you, it is one chore I don't mind.

  6. Sawyer Blume says:

    I detest laundry almost as much as I despise ironing (which I do not do. Arrangement with husband).So I agree with you.CathyMD

  7. Anonymous says:

    OK, time for me to leave a list:1) If you want to give up laundry, I've got a one-answer for you: nudity. 8-D2) Your robot vacuum is dead. (To those of you reading my inane posts, this one is not a joke. She killed a robot.)3) "Washer/dryer combo"? Really? Should you ask Cory about how well that piece of shit worked for them?4) Most of my hangers are in your closet, holding up my clothes.5) Where the hell is number 5?Love you!

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