It’s Friday. I’m random.

1. Why do women get purses and men get wallets? I know, I know, there are murses out there, and some women prefer to give their husbands everything to carry because they have cargo pockets. (Ahem.) But as a rule, doesn’t it seem weird that the two sexes got such completely different vessels for transporting their stuff?

2. Murses. Is that the word for men’s purses or male nurses? What if a male nurse carries a bag? What is that called?

3. Why is it that carousels with horses don’t bother me, but the ones with things like giant rabbits do? Maybe it’s just a proportion thing. I mean, we’re supposed to ride on horses. Not rabbits. Right?

4. I find fake plants acceptable, but not fake pets. As long as you dust your fake greenery at least once a year, I’m cool with it. Throw a stuffed carcass of a pet in the corner, and I’m probably not going to come over for dinner more than once.

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2 Responses to It’s Friday. I’m random.

  1. gringa78 says:

    LMAO! Those giant rabbits freak me out too! Freaky deaks….and they're always watching you with those big beady eyes.

  2. Sarah says:

    You may be random, but I love you

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