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I’m normal

Well, I know that’s a matter of opinion, but I’m now a normal OB/GYN patient. On Friday I will have a plain, old Dr’s appointment. I’ll give my medical history, let them draw some blood. But no invasive ultrasounds! Nope, … Continue reading

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I thought I would feel different

Honestly, if it weren’t for the pee sticks (and the beta tests. Oh, and those ultrasound thingys), I wouldn’t believe you if you told me I was pregnant. Since I know, there are some other clues (falling asleep on the … Continue reading

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They grow up so fast

It seems like just yesterday that we nervously put two little blastocysts back in, hoping against hope that one of them would stick. Well, almost five weeks later, it looks like both Luke and Leia are planning on sticking around … Continue reading

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I don’t know what to write about

My life has revolved around IF for so long, I’m not exactly sure what to do with myself. Only one shot a day? No doctor’s visits for two weeks? Strange. As J was giving me my PIO shot last night, … Continue reading

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Does it come in a maternity size?

Apparently I’m going to need this shirt. 5w6d, two sacs, two heartbeats. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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