The irony

The girls are ten weeks old today. I’m back to work as of this week, and finally have time to blog again. Except now I’m at work all day, and the girls are at home where all the good stuff is happening. At least I’ve got the world’s best husband at home taking care them, so I’m sure he’ll keep me up to date, so I can keep you up to date.

Brigid (left) and Marlowe (right) in a rare moment when they're not hitting each other in the face.

I keep waiting for this whole experience to get less surreal, and it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t get me wrong, it no longer feels completely bizarre to sit around with a baby in my arms, but I can still look at a picture of them and be completely overwhelmed that I have two little humans that will forever be a part of my life. I can’t believe this is my new reality!

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5 Responses to The irony

  1. Shannon says:

    Love the picture of the girls- they are beautiful. Isnt it wonderful to be a mama?

  2. AMG06 says:

    Yay so excited to see you back! Your girls are just beautiful! And I totally know what you mean about it being surreal.

  3. lolo says:

    yay! glad you’re back to blogging.. so happy to hear everything is going well. The babies are gorgeous!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I love your new reality. They’re a beautiful blessings.

  5. LOVEDBYD says:

    I’m glad you’re back! The girls are adorable!

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