Cloth diaper fail

Now that both girls are over ten pounds (how did THAT happen?!), we’ve started using cloth diapers during the day. We are kind of easing into it, but once we decided which diapers we liked best (Bum Genius 4.0 with snaps), I went ahead and ordered the rest of our stash. Now that we’re fully stocked, we’re moving into full-time cloth diapering.

Which means last night I put them in cloth for their first overnight. And they promptly wet through them. And their onesies. And their swaddles. And their sheets.

Nothing like stripping two babies and two mattresses naked at 3 a.m.! Poor Marlowe was sleeping hard when I started to undress her, and when I pulled the Velcro open on her SwaddleMe, she jerked awake and looked at me like I was going to eat her alive!

And although she is cute enough to eat with a spoon, I opted to put a gown on her instead so she could continue her slumber unmasticated.

I have consulted my cloth diapering guru and will attempt it again tonight with big-girl inserts in the diapers. Wish us luck!

Update: Boy howdy, did it work! Not only did both girls wake up dry, Brigid woke up dry nine and a half HOURS after her last diaper change!!! Way to sleep, baby girl!

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