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Marlowe laughs.

These girls are not only fraternal, they’re fraternal. Completely different in every way (except in the cuteness factor. They could both give you a cavity if you look at them too long.) Hair, eye color, personality. They just could not … Continue reading

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Four Months

Here’s where I say something trite like, “I can’t believe it’s been four months already!” Or, “What happened to my itty bitty babies?” But you know what? There’s a reason people are always saying things like that. How long is … Continue reading

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May the Force be with them

Believe it or not, I am not responsible for the Photoshop work done on this photo.

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Live on

I used the website as a resource when planning the girl’s nursery. On a whim, I submitted the final results to them on the off chance other people might be interested in what a tropical, non-traditional nursery for twin … Continue reading

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So I just realized I never posted the girls’ three-month picture. And seeing as how they’re going to be four months old in five days, I better get on it! We had a fantastic first Christmas with the girls. We … Continue reading

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