Bridey smiles.

Bridey, someone forgot to tell you that reflux babies are unhappy. They cry a lot, they struggle through their bottles, they have trouble sleeping. You, my little friend, are the happiest baby I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around, reflux or not. Your daddy faithfully gives you your medicine twice a day, holding a half a pill inside your cheek so it can dissolve. Not only do you not struggle when he gives it to you, you often smile around his hand while he does it.

You have such a wide-open expression, eyebrows raised, eyes shining, and your smile. That smile that is always there, whether you’ve just woken up, or are falling asleep with your seahorse in your crib. While we’re at it, let’s talk about your seahorse for just a minute. With his little glowing belly and the soft music he plays, he’s your favorite friend so far. When we put you in your crib, you immediately roll on your side toward him, and stretch out your little hand to stroke him. Or grab his tail and fling him. Your daddy can’t wait till your old enough to give things names, because he knows you will come up with something great for your little friend!

Your favorite game right now is what we call The Reverse Turtle. You’ve totally mastered rolling in both directions (front to back and back to front), but sometimes you get a little stuck on your belly with one arm pinned underneath you. And then you do what any self-respecting baby would do. You shriek like someone’s pulling your toes off with needle-nose pliers. Daddy’s part in the game is running from wherever he is in the house to flip you back over. Which lasts approximately until he makes it to the nursery door before you do it again. As cute as the game is, I think Daddy’s going to be okay with your next game, which is hopefully going to be called Baby Sleeps a Lot.

I think you’re going to have your daddy’s blue eyes. Whatever color they end up being, they’re huge. And beautiful. Just like your smile.

I love you, my little Giddy Bear.

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2 Responses to Bridey smiles.

  1. Mary Henderson says:

    I love you almost as much as I love your Mama. You are an adorable baby and I can’t wait to see your smile in person some day!
    Auntie Mary

  2. Sarah says:


    You seem like one cool little chick! Never change that!

    PS, Your buddy Jack loved his seahorse so much too

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