Rice and Nanners

Well, we’ve officially entered the world of solid foods. Although “solid” is something of a misnomer when talking about something that has approximately the consistency of wallpaper paste.

I’m not sure why (perhaps it’s because of her ability to suck down bottles with the temerity of a shop vac), but I expected Marlowe to be our big eater.

When we first started rice cereal, she was less than enthralled. And apparently hadn’t totally lost the tongue-thrust reflex, because her first couple weeks of feedings felt like we were spooning Malt-O-Meal into Gene Simmons’s mouth.

In goes the cereal, out comes the tongue! We thought it might get better once we started mixing in bananas, but it still took almost a week for her to get it. But as of last night we no longer have to worry about her absorbing her nutrients through the skin on her face. She helped her sister plow through a bowl of bananas and cereal, and seemed very pleased to be in better control of  the whole process!

Speaking of her sister, it took her approximately two bites to get the hang of things.

Of course, that didn’t mean she liked the way the food tasted, but in her true Giddy Bear fashion, she kept opening her mouth in a big wide smile, ready to try another bite.

So far, we’re blasé about rice cereal, our ‘nanners seem to be growing on us, and we’re jumping face first into sweet potatoes tomorrow.

Thanks to our rockin’ SAHJ for making the girls’ food! He’s not only handsome, he’s good with a food processor. *Swoon*

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2 Responses to Rice and Nanners

  1. Goeckie says:

    I can’t believe how big your girls are getting. Their faces are priceless!

  2. carly says:

    ahhh they are growing up so fast- love them and it looks like they are doing great! such pretty girls

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