Happy Birthday, PaPa!

Okay, his birthday was on May 24th. And today’s June 7th. I promise to be caught up on this blog by the time the girls leave for kindergarten. Pinky swear.

Anyway, the Davis Girls’ number-one fan has been lobbying for an addition to their diet since they came home from the hospital. Similar in color and texture (if not temperature) to milk, PaPa just couldn’t understand why we didn’t give our itty bitties ice cream! Surely this was a form of child abuse. So, after more than eight months of hints (and by hints I mean HINTS) that we should be feeding you Blue Bell after every meal, we decided on the perfect birthday gift for PaPa.

If you can’t read what that shirt says, it says, “We all scream for ice cream!” There were two of them in the bag, along with some spoons just perfect for feeding ice cream to a couple of cutie pies.

So, we were dressed in our tutu swimsuits (thanks go out to Gramcracker for those!) and our ice cream tee shirts. We were ready for our first taste of the cold stuff!

Bridey, never a fan of new textures or tastes, closed her eyes in anticipation of each new bite, but opened her little mouth over and over again, like a little bird. Marlowe, ever our steady eater, took the ice cream in stride. A happy, bouncy, I-just-ate-ice cream-with-PaPa kind of stride.

Happy birthday, PaPa!

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1 Response to Happy Birthday, PaPa!

  1. Mary Henderson says:

    Just like all of your posts, I love this one! Look how proud and happy Papa is! So sweet!

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