We had a busy week last week. Bridey got a nasty little stomach virus and her first real fever, earning us all our first trip to the after-hours pediatric clinic. It was less than fun, and took her a good four or five days to fully be back to her Giddy self. But, knock on wood, we kept it contained to her and the rest of us gratefully skipped out on the “fun”.

On a happier note, Marlowe had a first of her own Sunday night. While happily sitting in her high chair and helping her sister devour a freshly mashed banana (thank you, Daddy), she looked up at me with her big (browns? greys? hazels? That’s another post for another time) um, eyes, and said, “Bye bye”. While signing it as well! I looked at my eight-month-old baby in shock and said, “What did you say?” To which she promptly replied, “bye bye!”, again signing it as well.

As that’s not a syllable she babbles (and oh, do both of my girls babble. If it were an Olympic event, they’d be contenders.), I consider this to be a definitive first word. As much as I’d like to claim the “mamas” that so easily roll off their tongue, until they say that one looking at me like they mean it, I’m going to bask in my eldest daughter’s ability to bid me a fond farewell in the mornings. Of course, that means I have to get her to do it again. But I’m sure it will happen!

[Not content with her doctor story, Bridey managed to pop out a tooth just in time to make the “Firsties” post. Way to go, big girl!]


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