More Firsts

I guess when you’re less than a year old, you’re just destined to have a lot of firsts. Well, since you girls are going to be less than a year old for precisely 23 more days, I thought I better get some more of these down for posterity!

First 4th of July – spent at Gramcracker's and PaPa's

First Trip to Ron Jon's

"Before" pic of Marlowe's first haircut - Nine months old

The Action shot – that's Mommy with the scissors, by the way

And After. The bangs were too short, and slightly crooked. But still so cute!

First trip to the beach, and to The Mark, Granny's condo on the beach. A rite of passage in the Davis family!

At eleven months old, the both of you can crawl so fast and so furious we should put little NASCAR logos on you. You both pull up on the furniture and can cruise around an entire room. And Marlowe? You’re now trying to climb everything. Baby gates, the fight cage, your crib, the furniture. Daddy’s already worried about how he’s going to contain you, and you’re not even walking yet!

You’re signing up a storm, and now you’re starting to use it to tell us what you want. “Milk”, “Eat”, “More”, “All Done”, “Bye Bye”, “I love you”. You’re eating more and more real food and less and less baby food everyday. Grilled cheese, pancakes, banana bread, turkey meatloaf, macaroni and cheese…you love it all! We’re now venturing out on the weekends to Mom’s Kitchen, our favorite pre-baby breakfast place. It’s loud and casual, and you fit right in. In fact, I think you’re already developing something of a fan base, in spite of the fact that very few people seem to believe that you’re twins.

Most of all, you’re just so much fun. You’re so happy, you love to play, and cuddle, and clap. You make “fish lips” and “duck lips”, and your laughter? Well, your laughter is officially the best sound in the world.

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