My best birthday ever

No, it wasn’t my ninth, when we all dressed up like cowgirls and I had live buffalo in attendance. It wasn’t my thirtieth, when I traveled to New Orleans AND Mexico to celebrate. It wasn’t even my 31st, my golden birthday, that I spent engaged to my best friend in the whole world. Nope, my favorite birthday ever is the one that hasn’t even happened yet.

Tomorrow my beautiful, bright, sweet girls turn one year old. This time last year I was sitting exactly here, at my desk, in my cubicle, wondering what it was going to like to be a mom. I believe I was also wondering if I would ever see my ankles again, and whether Baby B would have as many hiccups on the outside as she did on the inside. (The answer to that question, at least, is a resounding YES. I’m looking at you, Bridey.)

Today I sit here holding back tears, in simple amazement at these two incredible girls that I’m fortunate enough to share my life with.

Marlowe, my first-born, you are fearless. You are already charging through life with your eyes wide open, eyebrows raised, with a big, ol’ toothy grin on your face. We’re having to take babyproofing our home to a whole new level, because it simply doesn’t occur to you that itty bitty babies shouldn’t climb gates, or pull over tables, or hang from curtains. You are so eager to experience the world around you, and I love watching you do it. Whether you’re eating sand on your first trip to the beach, or reaching out for puppy kisses from Roxy, you do it with complete abandon and joy. As of two or three days ago, you’re a true walker — and I can’t wait to walk through this life with you, experiencing everything again for the first time through your eyes.

Brigid, my baby, you are pure happiness. We often call you our Giddy Bear, and you are truly the happiest baby in the world. Your big blue eyes are full of light and love, and you smile with them as readily as you do with your face. Although we sometimes accuse you of being a bit of a Drama Queen (and Princess Picky Pants when it comes to trying new foods), we can always find you in the thick of it with your sister. It’s such a joy to watch you figure out how things work, and you’ve always been so delicate and precise with your gestures and movements. You love to wiggle, you love to snuggle, and most of all, you love to smile. You are also walking as of yesterday, but I have a feeling that if I want to keep up with you, I will have to dance along by your side.

Thank you to my sweet husband J. Without you I wouldn’t have these amazing girls. You are very much a part of them, and they are the very best parts of us. Thank you for all the diapers you’ve changed, the bottles you’ve fed, the mismatched outfits you’ve put together. The only thing that makes being away from them during the day even slightly bearable is knowing that you are there with them — loving, and smiling and dancing right along with them.

Happy birthday, Marlowe. Happy birthday, Brigid. May this be the first of at least a hundred, and may every one be better than the last.



Marlowe and Bridey, one year old

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3 Responses to My best birthday ever

  1. Way to make a girl cry! Happy Birthday sweet angels. I can’t wait to meet you in person some day and love and cuddle the two of you! Even though I haven’t met you though, doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I love the both of you almost as much as I love your Mama.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully written! Happy Birthday you gorgeous girls. I love you – and I kinda sorta like your mommy too. 🙂

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