Mahna Mahna

I think we have an official first word from Marlowe. No, it’s not “Mama” (although she’s been babbling that for months, I have yet to REALLY believe she’s using it in context). It’s not “Dada”, although she clearly knows what that means when I say it. It’s not even “milk” or “eat” or “more”, all of which she’s very good at signing.

It’s “Mahna Mahna”. You know, from the Muppets. I love my girl.

When we sing this to her, she says it every time we stop. “Mahna Mahna.” The only downside is, we have to sing a whole verse of the song to get her to do it. So it’s a fairly labor-intensive party trick. But that’s my girl!

Now if I can just figure out what, “goldigoldigoldigoldi” means, Bridey and I can start chatting, too.

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