Santa, Baby

You girls are getting so much more portable these days! You’re getting downright good at going to the hardware store, as long as you each get your own cart. And now that we’re drinking milk instead of formula and using sippy cups instead of bottles, we can feed you almost anywhere. And do! Saturday we had applesauce and Goldfish in the garden section of Lowes, and Sunday you helped me eat my barbeque chicken sandwich and macaroni and cheese from the food truck at our local farm and fresh market.

While there we decided to forgo the mall Santa Claus this year and took you to the one on the farm. Same bubble snow machine, but it was decidedly less glamorous. It was also less noisy, faster, and you both had a great time right up until the point where we put you on Santa’s lap. Maybe next year he’ll give you your candy canes first, and you’ll look a little happier about the whole thing!

We have our Christmas Countdown paper chains going this year. We thought you might still be a little young for scissors and Scotch tape, so Gramcracker helped me make your chains the weekend after Thanksgiving. Apparently “paper chain” is already in your receptive vocabulary, as you practically trample each other to get to the playroom when I suggest we go tear a link off every day. And as sweetly as you ask for “Moah (please)”, Marlowe, we only get to do one a day!

The chains are getting shorter, the tree and stockings are up and ready. Now we just have to watch The Rockettes Christmas Special with Gramcracker, bake a cookie or two, wrap a present or five and we’ll be ready for December 25th!

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