Please and Thank You

I wonder what people will think about you, Marlowe, when we’re out in public and you want something. What they will hear is an urgent, insistent “moah!” “moah!” when you want more of something. What they probably won’t know is that your open hand frantically waving over your torso is just as emphatically crying out “please!” “please!”. They may think I have a pushy little toddler who REALLY wants another handful of blueberries. I, however, will know that I have one VERY polite little girl.

This morning, Marlowe, you were laying on our bathroom floor, moaning, in the most laid back temper tantrum I’ve ever seen. None of us were really sure what you were unhappy about (including you, I’m fairly convinced), so we went about our daily business around you. I was getting dressed for work, Daddy was making sure Bridey didn’t eat any soap, and your sister, well, she was just being ridiculously sweet.

In addition to gnawing on the corner of a box of Dial, she was carrying around some stuffed animals that live in my closet. I tossed a monkey to Daddy in the hopes of distracting my Moaning Myrtle on the floor, but it didn’t work. What it did do was attract Bridey’s attention, who promptly went over and asked Daddy for it, signing a very sweet “please”. She then turned around and handed it to you, Marlowe, where you were laying on the floor, then turned back to her daddy and signed, very clearly, “Thank you.”

It didn’t do anything to cheer up Lowie Von I’ll Never Be Happy Again, but it certainly made my Friday morning. What’s not to love about a 15-month-old who not only is selfless enough to want to cheer up her sister, but is mannerly and polite while doing so? I love it. And both my girls.

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