Merry Christmas!

What? It’s still January. I don’t think that counts as being late for a Christmas post, does it?

Gramcracker and PaPa came over on Christmas Eve to help us celebrate. After you two little bits got good and drenched (and mostly naked) playing outside in the afternoon, it was time to open your Christmas pajamas. Bridey, you must have spent nearly 20 minutes sitting by yourself on the floor trying to get those suckers on!

Bridey, can you see that ridiculous curl going on on top of your head? We call that your pipeline. You’re growing more and more hair every day!

You both did a good job opening your presents. Marlowe, you wanted to help open EVERYONE’S presents, regardless of what they were. And Bridey? You wanted to put on everything you opened. Shoes, purse, bracelet, slippers. Quite the fashionista!

Santa brought you a sand and water table that was a HUGE hit! It was very warm on Christmas Day, so it didn’t take long for the winter jammies to come off.

Soon it was time for “Sissy” to arrive from Omaha, and Nana came to help us with Christmas 2011, Part Deux.

Lots more presents, more ridiculous outfits! Here you are sporting your “Uggs” — over your footie pajamas — from cousins Blue and Sophie and your princess costumes from Uncle Charlie and Aunt Kath.

Marlowe, you can’t even say “cheese” yet, but you know how to make the face when asked to smile for the camera.

And Miss Bridey, I’m not sure what can even be said about this face. Too much!

Fun with your water table from Nana! And Roxy’s favorite new water bowl.

More fun on the stairs. I think we’re going to have to find a new spot for time outs. We’ve only used that spot a couple of times, but I’m not sure it’s going to work as a punishment if it’s one of your favorite places to hang out!

Merry Christmas, sweet girls. I know each year will be more fun the last as we continue some family traditions (you girls rocked out your paper chains counting down to Christmas!) and develop some of our own. Most importantly, we were lucky to spend this Christmas surrounded by family. And that was the very best gift of all.

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1 Response to Merry Christmas!

  1. mrsh0606 says:

    M looks about za foot taller than B in the water table picture!

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