Birds tweet. Ducks cack. What do turtles say?

You girls are getting more and more vocal every day. Bridey, while it’s not as common these days, you still pop out with your trademarked, sing-songy, “nooooooooo!” every once in a while. I hope I never forget the sound of you saying that, like a cute little Muppet with pink feathers sucking helium and grinning while answering in the negative. Marlowe, you’ve developed a “nope!” that is so bright and wonderfully happy sounding, it’s sometimes hard to believe you’re actually saying “no”. And when you’re feeling more agreeable, you treat us to the cutest little nod, eyebrows raised, as though to answer, “Blueberries for a snack? Why, isn’t that just a delightful idea!” (On a related note, we have yet to find a blueberry you girls won’t eat. Dried, fresh, frozen. I’m pretty sure if you found one that was three days old and stuck to the bottom of the dog, you’d eat it.)

And the animal sounds. Between the two of you, we can do birds, ducks, cats, dogs (wuff wuff!), cows and owls. Thanks to a book from your Aunt Babe, Bridey can do a mean wolf and a respectable lion. There’s some piggy oinks and some crazy monkeys. A turkey and a frog. And as of Sunday, there’s the turtle. What sound does a turtle make, you might ask? Well, according to Bridey, they growl. That’s right.


After the girls had gone to bed on Saturday, I hung a new picture of some turtles in our downstairs powder room. And on Sunday, when the girls followed me in like a very small, very cute gaggle of geese, Bridey spotted the new picture, blurted out “turtle!” (didn’t know you could say that, thank you very much) and then growled her best, gutteral Bridey growl usually reserved for bear sightings.

Huh. Who knew?

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