Some things about 19 months old I don’t want to forget

Bridey, you are turning into a regular Bossy Britches. One of the girls’ favorite things to do is play with ice. That’s probably normal, right? I fill two cups with ice almost every evening after I get home from work and we head out to the back yard with them. The girls eat it, feed it to the dog, carry it around, pour it out in buckets, etc. Marlowe, you always want ALL the ice, so it also turns into a rather intricate game of keep-away at times. At one point this week Bridey turned around, clutching her cup to her chest, wagging her finger at her sister saying, “No! No ice, sister! No ice!”

Marlowe, you are totally loving the “Monkey See, Monkey Do” program on TV right now. It’s a short little animated program that has a monkey demonstrating how to move like a particular animal. You love the warmup song and will run over and do the little dance as the monkey sings to you. “Put up your hands, then touch the ground. Put a smile on your face, then jump around!” Your face lights up when the monkey tells you to “put a smile on your face”, and I gotta tell you, one of my favorite things in the world to do is to watch my girls smile.

Last Saturday night both you girls were enjoying reading your books before bedtime, but you kept wanting one more. Well, it was getting late, so I told each of you that you could take one book to bed with you. While I was putting Bridey in her sleep sack and laying her down, Marlowe, you put every single book in the nursery in your bed. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose!

At one point over the weekend, Bridey had a HUGE sneeze, and we of course said “Bless you!” Well, she thought that was hysterical, so she proceeded to spend the next five minutes fake sneezing. It was too funny. As your daddy put it, you had a look on your face that said, “I know these are really bad fake sneezes, and YOU know these are really bad fake sneezes, but I think it’s funny so I’m going to keep doing it, anyway!”

I know I think every age is my favorite age, but there’s so much to love about right now. You’re talking up a storm, playing like crazy, you’re getting better about riding in the car, you’re more or less completely feeding yourselves – and you can even go down the slide at the playground without mommy or daddy holding on.

“More ‘wheeeeeeeee’!”

You got it, girlfriends. There’s always time for “more wheeeeeeee”!

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