Sharing is Fundamental

So, J’s on his way to the “big park” with the girls. We usually encourage them to take a toy or a book with them in the car. That way they have something to drop or fight over on the way to wherever we’re going. And today was no different; Marlowe chose to take a large, inflatable light saber in the truck. Cue the argument. “I take it.” “No, you no take it!” Over and over, the argument escalated. Finally, J reminded them that no one is supposed to take toys from someone else, and that they should just knock the whole thing off. There was a pause, then J heard Marley say, “Maybe you could say pwease, didther.”

Bridey responded with the sweetest, “Pwease, I can hab da yite-saybah?” that you ever did hear, and they proceeded to hand it back and forth the rest of the way to the park.

Manners. They have them! Makes a mommy proud. 

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