Dirty pants, big words

From the SAHJ:

So, I take the girls upstairs for naps. Bridey is up there first and, only wearing the one piece of clothing*, is already on her potty when sister & I arrive. As I go to put Marlowe on her potty, I realize she’s wet through & has soaked the back of her dress. As I remove it from her, I see that she has also pooped her pants. So, I tell her to follow me to the bathroom, so that we can take care of it. On the way there, I recite rendition #2,365 of “Why Won’t You Potty in the Potty?” As Bean walks into the bathroom, she hangs her head and says:

“This is exasperatin(g).”


*Bridey is naked today, wearing only underwear, because she wanted to wear the dress Marlowe picked out this morning. Seriously.

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