Sisterly love

From the SAHJ:

Bridey: You ok, didther?
Marles: Yeah, I jus’ fall on my head.

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Chatty Chatty Bang Bang

Hoo boy were you girls on a roll at dinner last night! This week everything’s been Princess everything. I think you even crowned the dog at one point. Bridey, last night you were going through the list of all things Princess while eating your homemade pizza (thanks, Daddy!).

Bridey: (pointing to herself) I Princess Baby! (pointing at Marlowe) You Princess Marnow! Princess Nana! Princess PapaGaga! (looking at Mommy and Daddy) You Princess…guys!

Then Marlowe, you started to name everyone off.

Marlowe: Yay Mommy! Yay Daddy! Yay Didther! Yay me! Yay astronauts!

Um, what? 🙂

The best, though, was when the word ostentatious came up.

Mommy: Marlowe, can you say “ostentatious”?

Marlowe: Os-ten-ta-shus!

Mommy: Wow, good job! Bridey, can *you* say “ostentatious”?

Bridey: Os-den-DA-shus!

Mommy: Holy cow, good job!

Marlowe: Daddy, can *you* say “os-ten-ta-shus” with me??

Too cute for words. Well, too cute with all the words, apparently.

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From the SAHJ

Marley: What are you doin’, Daddy?
Me: Not picking my nose with a crayon. What are YOU doing?
Marley: Pickin’ my nobe wit a cayon.

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A Wee Little Kitchen

For the girls’ second birthday, SAHJ and I decided they needed a play kitchen. Cooking is a big part of our lives, and we were excited to create a little space for the girls in the playroom where they could start learning the finer skills themselves. We decided we weren’t all that crazy about a plastic play kitchen (nothing wrong with them, just not our style) and while the wood kitchens (a lá Ikea) were pretty cool, they were a little too bare bones for our liking.

So, we decided to make our own. I found a post online about making play kitchens from old entertainment units, and went hunting on Craig’s List. Fortunately I found the perfect unit for $50, and it was for sale in our subdivision. 



The initial plan was to turn the left side into a fridge, and the right side into a sink/stove area. Then my husband went all crazy and started discussing wiring. I guess this is what happens when a theatrical set designer (me) and a Technical Director (J) take on a project like this. Before you know it we were buying light fixtures and switches and plotting out a color scheme that would match our actual kitchen which is adjacent to the playroom.



J enclosed the glass door with luan, removed a panel from the middle door that he would later replace with plexi to make an oven door, and switched the hinge on that door to a piano hinge that allows it to open up and down rather than side to side.

I based the fridge and freezer doors with Rustoleum magnetic primer so that the girls could put magnets on there, just like a real fridge. We had some leftover parts from a mini-fridge that we reused for the oven. (A wine shelf became a heating element with a little black and red spray paint.)


I printed out pictures of our tile backsplash and Modge Podged them to make a tile border. I used rock-texture spray painy on the kitchen counter to simulate stone, and a rounded square of luan with black foam coasters from Ikea serve as a cooktop. The fridge, freezer and oven are painted with metallic silver to simulate our stainless appliances. The sink is a metal mixing bowl and an inexpensive bathroom faucet from the hardware store. There is a real working light switch that the girls can use to turn on the fixture over the sink, and the bottom freezer pulls out like a drawer, just like our real freezer does.

But the coolest part of the whole thing is what happens when the fridge door is opened. 



The fridge lights up! I can’t offer a lot of details here (this is all due to the evil genius that is my husband!), but I do know it involves a pressure switch and a light bulb safely ensconced behind plexi for safety. There’s a crisper drawer that pulls out and two wire shelves for milk, eggs and sometimes a stuffed dragon.

I added a picture frame held up with velcro so we can switch out the view if they get tired of the beach that’s there now, and PapaGaga outfitted them with wooden pots from Melissa & Doug, as well as a pretty cool “stainless steel” toaster, also made out of wood. 

I’d like to hang something above the stove, but I haven’t decided what. A clock, maybe? We contemplated adding a microwave, but we don’t really use ours much, and it will be a while before they can reach up there, anyway. At least another week or so, the way they’re growing!

But the best part was hearing the cries of, “Mine’s kitchen!” when the girls came down the stairs after their nap to find it placed in their playroom. We think it’s a hit, and worth every bit of sawdust and sweat it took to create it for them.

Happy birthday, sweet girls!

Next year you can make your own cupcakes. 🙂


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It was a big weekend in the Davis household! Bridey, never one to shy away from a good song, surprised us when she jumped from singing, “A, B, C, D, E, H, how I wonder you are?” to singing the full alphabet from A to Z, complete with head bobbing and twirling.

A week or so ago I made the “mistake” of signing the ASL alphabet while doing one of my nightly renditions of the “ABCs” for the girls (why can’t they request something catchier, huh?), and now, every night, we sing it at least three times, with me signing it with both hands (this is as difficult as it sounds) at the same time so each girl can follow along. Bridey likes to move her fingers and hands while I’m signing, and is even beginning to recognize some of the letters by just the sign. Last night at dinner Marlowe was trying to tell me something while shooting me with cowboy finger guns, when I realized she was making “Ls” with both hands, and yelling along excitedly. “L! L, Mama, Ls!”

In the midst of all this, Marlowe has decided to focus on one particular letter.

P. Well, pee, to be specific, if not a little graphic. We bought two little potties about a month ago, just to have them around to let the girls get used to the idea of them. They sat on them a few times, but Marlowe quickly grew wary of hers, and between summer vacations and out of town company, we stashed the potties in their closet for a few weeks. Well, Friday night after baths, Marlowe was playing in the closet and found them. And asked that her daddy pull them out. Which he did. Marlowe promptly sat on one and started peeing! J looked at me and said, “She’s actually going!” I was busy trying to situate Bridey on her own little throne and almost missed the action.

“Tinkle, tinkle, toot! I DID IT!”

Marlowe, so excited, quoted the baby in their Potty book we’ve been reading for the last month.

A fluke. A lot of kids show this early affinity for the potty, but end up not training for another year or so.

But then she did it again on Saturday night, and again on Sunday night.

Today I ordered two more potties for downstairs. Now we just have to decide if we’re ready to put her in undies and get this party started. And by party, I mean lots and lots of laundry, I’m sure.

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Pink Dress Friday

As requested by Miss Bridey Pants. Hers has “trawberries”, and Marlowe’s has “flowahs”. I’m choosing to ignore the fact that they’re 3Ts and fit them perfectly.

Thank you, Gaga!

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Maria Poppins

No, that’s not a typo. Sometime in late June the girls saw Mary Poppins for the first time. And the thirtieth time. Well, that might be something of an exaggeration, but they have really taken to the movie, and love to narrate their way through it. “Where Mary go?” “Purple shoes!” “Cannon go boom!” “Wind blow Nannies away!” “Jump in pic-ture!” Anyway, you get the idea.

A few weeks ago I decided to introduce them to The Sound of Music, seeing as how they were already such big fans of Dame Julie Andrews. And I wasn’t wrong. They took to it like cack cacks to water…except we can’t convince Marlowe that Maria isn’t just Mary Poppins in Salzburg, Austria thirty years after her stint on 17 Cherry Tree Lane in London. So, we now watch Mary Poppins, and we watch Maria Poppins.

There you have it.

When we watch Maria Poppins, we hear about “They sing Mama’s song!” (My Favorite Things, a bedtime favorite since the girls were born), “Nuns!” and “Dance with the fancy dresses!” (which means we put on our tutus and waltz around the family room). “‘tep ‘tep hop! ‘tep ‘tep hop!” is how you dance the ländler, according to Bridey. And the marionette scene? We watch that at least three times for every viewing of the actual movie.

At least my girls have a taste for the classics. I suppose we could be watching something that involves Strawberry Shortcake over and over and over again!

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My sweet girl

Mommy: “Marlowe, you make me so proud!”

Marlowe: “Welcome, Mama.”


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From the SAHD and some vacation memories

Marles: “Yook! Miwk make me siwwy!! Laba laba laba laba!!”


So, our trip to South Seas Resort on Captiva Island with PapaGaga and Sissy. How much fun did we have, you might ask? Well, we had all the fun. From taking rides on “Papa’s cart!” to picking up shells on the beach, blowing bubbles on the lawn to eating out in restaurants, we could not have had a nicer time. We made dolphins jump and charmed the patrons at The Mucky Duck. We went for your first boat ride, and Sissy took a sailing lesson. There were manatees and rainbows; pools and sand; and smiles and laughter.

It was so fun, there was even talk of “next time”. Sounds good to me!


On the dolphin cruise


Daddy with his girls

Golfing with Papa

Daddy and Lowie on the boat

The Davis family

Walking with PapaGaga

On the balcony with Gaga

This just sums it all up!

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Summertime, and the living is easy

Well, it seems like it’s getting easier and easier every day. I still need to write about our vacation with PapaGaga that we took earlier this month (yes, both you girls run the names together like your grandparents are a hot Hollywood couple), but I’m missing lots of good stuff because I haven’t had time to write that post. So, a few thoughts about where we are, now that the Miss Things are 21 months old.

Bridey, your singing is out of control. In a good way. You do versions of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat!” and you do a killer mashup of “Twinkle, Twinkle” and the “A, B, Cs” that usually involves the letter “H”. The other night at the dinner table (oh yes, as of this week you’re both out of high chairs and into boosters at the big kids’ table with Mommy and Daddy!) you asked Mommy to sing, “Bokie Bokie”. I had no idea what you were talking about, until Daddy realized “The Hokey Pokey” was playing very quietly in the background. And our current favorite is the Giddy Bear version of Mommy’s Top Ten Hit, “Clean Pants”. You love to sing it at the top of your lungs, and particularly seem to enjoy the “in the morning!” part. We go back and forth with that line, your blue eyes sparkling so much I think they could power a small electric car.

Marlowe, you may not be the singing type, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to use your voice. Last night I wanted to wash your hands in our bathroom before dinner because, well, we were already there. But you told me in no uncertain terms, “No mama! Wash hands in the turtle room!” The turtle room being, of course, the downstairs powder room decorated with turtles. What was I thinking? “C’mon, sister. Wash hands in da turtle room!” So downstairs we went. You love going to the zoo to see the “an-i-mals”, particularly the “orange monkeys!” (which are actually Golden Tamarins, but we’ll get there). We broke down and started letting you watch Curious George on the iPad when we go on long car trips, and the other day you dragged Daddy to the garage door telling him, “George! Voom!” You wanted to go sit in Daddy’s truck and watch you some George. And forget the terrible twos, you’ve already discovered the phrase “Me do it!” (which Daddy has decided should be spelled, “Me doot!” to fully capture its charm) and use it at every possible opportunity, including ones where it’s not only not practical, it really doesn’t even apply.

Bridey and Marlowe, all four of your legs are so bruised you look like eight year olds with skateboards, but it’s because you’re so busy “vooming” and “whoa-ing” through life. You run fast, cuddle hard and make us smile every day. It’s “Whee!” down the slide and “Sorry!” to the pupper dog and kisses for everyone. If we could bottle you two up, we’d have the solution to world peace. Everyone would be too busy laughing to fight anymore.

Well, except for maybe you two.

“Me turn!” “No, Baby turn!”

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